Welcome to Lion Heart Yarn. Lion Heart Yarn is your source for yarn tips and instructional materials, a help desk where you can ask your yarn and knitting related questions and our yarn shop where you can find discounted prices on Lion Brand Yarn, Red Heart Yarn, Brown Sheep Yarn and Noro Yarn. We have scoured the web for great buys on yarn and have consolidated them here to facillitate your shopping experience. Although there are many boutique yarns that are available, Lion Heart Yarn will focus on bringing you Lion Brand Yarn, Red Heart Yarn, Brown Sheep Yarn and Noro Yarn products because they have stood the test of time, are favorites of the knitting community and offer a real value to both the novice and experience knitter. Lion Brand Yarn produces approximately fifty different yarns in a variety of materials, weights and colors. Although Lion Brand Yarn is probably most noted for their synthetic line of materials that are used by many novice knitters, Lion Brand Yarn also offers yarns in cotton, mohair and wool and many blends of these fibers with synthetic fibers. Lion Brand Yarn also provides yarn specific to knitters looking to make socks and baby clothing and brands these items directly to those markets. Lion Brand Yarn is a great yarn for anybody, but especially for the novice knitter. Red Heart Yarn provides a variety of yarns at a great value. Although Red Heart Yarn produces mostly acrylic and acrylic blend yarns, their lineup is rounded out by cotton and wool. Additionally, Red Heart Yarn offers their eco-friendly products that contain recycled yarns and bamboo yarns. Red Heart Yarn offers some of the most affordable yarns available. Brown Sheep Yarn, as their name implies, offers yarns that are either all wool or blended wool products. Brown Sheep Yarn currently offers fourteen different yarns. Eight of these Brown Sheep Yarns are 100% wool while the remaining are wool blends. Most of the blended Brown Sheep Yarn products also incorporate mohair and cotton while the Brown Sheep Yarn that is geared for socks also contains nylon. Brown Sheep Yarn offers a great value to the knitter that has gained experience and is looking to use natural fibers. Noro Yarn is renowned for their multi-colored yarns that are individually dyed. Noro Yarn is offered in a variety of 'flavors' and is fabricated from quality fibers  primarily consisting of cotton, silk, mohair and wool while smaller fractions of synthetics are sometimes incorporated into the blend to suit a specific purpose. Although the quality of the yarn itself is high to start with, Noro Yarn is most notable and desired for its colors. Treat yourself to some Noro Yarn when you want to add some distinctive color to your next scarf of knit top. The sensational mix of color that is found in Noro Yarn will garnish you some extra compliments on your knitting project. So take your time and browse our Lion Heart Yarn web site. View our recent videos and browse our shop to find a great selection of Noro Yarn, Brown Sheep Yarn, Red Heart Yarn and Lion Brand Yarn at great prices. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!